Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Real Health Revolution

Are you interested in reclaiming the health that is your birthright?  Looking for ways to heal yourself in the most natural way possible?  Hoping to get your body working the way it was created to? Hoping to get in touch with your own body and tune in to your energy?

You've come to the right place.  Our culture wants to stuff highly processed,chemical-filled "foods" down our throat, then when our bodies begin to break down, the answer is supposed to be throwing more chemicals, in the form of prescription drugs, at our poor malfunctioning bodies.  It is no wonder that we have the worst rates of obesity, diabetes, depression, and nearly every other illness than ever before.  While we all want conventional medical treatment when it is necessary, do we really want doctors prescribing drugs or recommending surgery when various changes in our nutrition or exercise routines will accomplish the same thing? 

And why do doctors refuse to even consider alternative therapies or herbal remedies, even when conventional studies have shown them to be safe and effective?  Could it be because chamomile tea companies don't pay kickbacks to doctors the way that pharmaceutical companies do?  Or because their medical school education focused on drugs and surgery nearly to the exclusion of any natural remedies, and they feel woefully inadequate to recommend anything natural?

Now, I am not an expert on health, nor am I any kind of licensed health care practitioner, and I cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  However...

What I can do is share the information that I've learned over the years with you.  Armed with that information, you can do your own research, then take it to your licensed health care providers and with their guidance, make positive, natural changes in your health.

That is what my podcast, and this website, is all about.  It will bring you an abundance of alternative health information on herbal remedies, energy healing, natural nutrition and weight loss, and a variety of other topics for those who want to use natural means to rise up and take back your health!